New items posted to “Dues & Finances” and also to “Meetings & Minutes”

The Dues & Finances page now includes a Profit & Loss Statement for July-September, 2021, the first quarter of our “dues year” that now begins on July 1 of each year.  The Meetings and Minutes page now includes the October 2, 2021 Board meeting minutes, including how to join monthly Board meetings on Zoom.  The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 6, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom.

New Treasurer appointed

Joe Thomas, a current Board member, has added the Treasurer’s duties to his other responsibilities.  Former Board member and Treasurer Mabel Fieler resigned following the closing of the sale of her unit, #308.  Many thanks to both Mabel and Joe for the generous giving of their time for our benefit.

2020 Annual Water Quality Report available

Each year the HOA has a water quality report prepared in compliance with public health standards.  Past reports were posted to the Clubhouse bulletin board.  This year the report is available to all owners by clicking here when on the web site.

Board meeting minutes from May 19, 2021 are now posted to the Minutes and Meetings page.

Click here to view the Board minutes from May 19, 2021 on the web site, adopting the 2021-2022 budget and issuing the annual member assessment of $2,748 for the 2021-2022 dues period.  You may also read details about the annual assessment on the Dues and Finances web page by clicking here.  Note:  The 2021-2022 budget will be posted to the website on the Dues and Finances page when the Board provides it.