2023 Volunteer Projects

The Board of Directors would like to thank the hardworking volunteers who helped to accomplish the following projects:

Dock Walkway Repair

Last year the community came together to install a dock walkway with volunteer labor and donations.    Shortly after it was installed, a tenant drove over it with a moving truck.  The respective landlord paid the $200 repair bill. Volunteers made the repairs and donated the $200 to the HOA.  HOA Material Costs $50.  Estimated labor savings:  $150.

Dock Wiring Improvements

The dock was sorely in need of electrical repairs.  Volunteers used 250 feet of 12/2 wire and 12 GFI boxes; 250 feet of 12.3 wire and 12 junction boxes; and 500 feet of conduit to complete this project.  Lighting was added and each slip now has an outlet.  HOA Material Costs $1,500.    Estimated Labor Savings $3,840.

Dock Decking Repair

In an attempt to conserve HOA funds, several bowed boards on the dock were flipped and/or replaced.  HOA Material Costs $600.    Estimated Labor Savings $3,500.

Sealing of Dock and Seawall

Volunteers powerwashed and sealed the seawall and dock.  HOA Material Costs $800.  Estimated Labor Savings $3,000.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

This project started when the HOA received a quote to repair one small section of the irrigation system in the amount of $1,400.  It occurred to a few members of the community that (a) maybe we can do it for less and (b) maybe we can do it better.  Over the course of two weeks, five volunteers spent 440 hours digging 1,800 feet of trench.  What was a system of unmarked wiring that was vulnerable to breakage was replaced with a network of community wide sprinkler wire encased in red conduit and a color coded mapping that will serve us for years to come.  HOA Material Costs $1,500.    Estimated Labor Savings $13,200.  Future repair cost, if any, should decrease significantly.

Clubhouse Ceiling LED Lighting

All fluorescent lights were replaced with cost savings LED lights.  HOA Material Costs $204.    Estimated Labor Savings $180.  Electricity savings should follow.

Community Wide Exterior Coach Light Replacement

Two community members researched the replacement of the original exterior unit light fixtures.  A proposal of the light fiture ultimately selected was presented at Board of Directors meeting.  Not only are the lights attractive, but they feature dusk- to-dawn lighting and have GFIC outlets.  Teams of volunteers replaced a total of 70 unit fixtures and the clubhouse front and rear.  HOA Material Costs $4,300.    Estimated Labor Savings $3,400.

Pool Chair Delivery

Six stackable sling chairs were purchased for a total cost of $1,193.25 from Leaders Furniture.  If the sling material wears out, replacements can be ordered.  The store wanted $170 to deliver the chairs but a volunteer came forward to pick the chairs up in Port Charlotte for $25 in gas.  Estimated Delivery Savings $145.

Property Mulching

Two 15 cubic yard loads of red cypress mulch were delivered and promptly spread around the compound by volunteers.  Our landscaping contractor, Mr. Morris graciously lent us his front-end loader to deliver mulch to each planting area.  This was never a DIY project until now.

HOA Material Costs $1,370.    Estimated Labor Savings $1,000.

Kayak Rack

Four volunteers installed three new kayak racks on the seawall.

HOA Material Costs $900.  Estimated Labor Savings $500.


Our voluntary community members may come from different walks in life but they all have something in common: teamwork, varied skills and expertise, drive, positive attitudes and pride in our community.  They continue to amaze us with their hard work and problem-solving skills.  It is this sense of work hard/play hard and simply enjoying each other’s company in the process that makes our community so special.  We are collectively better for it.

DeeAnn Lakefront Estates HOA Board of Directors




2022 Volunteer Project – Dock Walkway

The total cost of all materials and rentals came to $1,397.  As with the flagpole installation, this was a self funded project.  The excellent work talented volunteers brought this project to a quick completion.


March 29, 2023 Snowbird Sendoff

The clubhouse was rocking out to the tunes of Rocky Trop on Wednesday night.  As many prepare to return to their homes up north, we took time to enjoy each others company.  Shout out to Judy & Danny Marsh, Donna & Scott Holloway and Sandi Weissinger for getting this party started.  No doubt about it – this should be an annual event!

Remember the Macarana?