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Community Location

Dee Ann Estates
409 Stephen Dr
Lake Placid, FL 33852

2021-2022 Board of Directors & Officers

President & Board Member: Dan Speakman
Vice-President & Board Member: Ken Brownlee
Treasurer & Board Member: Joe Thomas
Secretary & Board Member:  Mabel Fieler
Webmaster: Bob Hagness
Assistant Treasurer:  Chris Strub

To contact your Board with owner-issues and questions:  If you have any questions or note any billing errors, please contact your Board by email at

Please use the website “contact” form below for questions related to the website only.  The Board does not see messages not sent to the address, only the webmaster sees messages sent using the form following.


    Attention Owner-Landlords:  Tenant forms can be mailed to 409 Stephen Dr., Lake Placid, FL  33852 or scanned and emailed to & thank you!

    Attention Sellers & Brokers:  Estoppel document requests should be sent to:; DO NOT use the “Contact Us” form (above).  The HOA will complete your estoppel document(s), but will not draft any forms for you.

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