About Us

Founded in the early 1990’s, Dee Ann Estates began life as a developer’s dream turned into a successful reality. Many owners are “first generation” purchasers from the early 1990’s, while increasingly new owners are gradually forming a larger part of the overall community. Nearly everyone is retired, and most remain quite active.

Most occupants are here seasonally, with a few year-round residents who do more than their share to keep the grounds looking neat and well-maintained, in addition to the professional grounds crew that handles lawn and shrubs on a weekly basis, and the pool maintenance service company.

Living here has been described as “resort style living” by area realtors. While not opulent by any means, the property is clean, well-maintained, and inviting.

Residents come from many states, with a predominance from the midwestern states, and are mostly retired, here to enjoy the facilities, company, and weather. Dee Ann Estates is a welcoming community of friends and neighbors, where you will soon feel quite “at home” if you join us.

Many friendships are formed, and shared activities are always happening, but the Association itself is not the driving force behind what happens, rather the residents themselves band together in their own common interests, e.g., golf, tours, games, etc. Residents do enjoy a few meals together on a voluntary basis, e.g., Thanksgiving and Christmas, in addition to irregular gatherings and “social hour meetings”. An overall sense of well-being combined with an appreciation for all we have to enjoy makes for one pleasant day after another.

Members also participate in various committees on a voluntary basis, e.g., the landscaping committee is active in planning and keeping the Board informed as to necessary and other improvements and related costs. Golfers are always looking to increase their numbers; the area offers many courses from which to choose.

Boaters will be interested in knowing the boat dock can service about 26 boats and pontoons, more than usually are here. The dock has electricity available, is lighted at night, has a fish cleaning station, and is a popular gathering place for many residents. The ‘fishing’ is always good here; the ‘catching’ is up to you!

Rentals are permitted subject to the Association’s rules, the primary one being no rental of less than two months is permitted. We enjoy the company of long-term seasonal tenants who return year after year and are an integral part of our community.  A renter’s form is required to be completed and returned to the HOA prior to occupancy.  Click here for the form.

As a homeowners association, we have governing documents [see links], namely Covenants and Restrictions, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations (as amended from time to time).