Member votes at annual membership meeting

At the annual member meeting held on February 29, 2020, the membership voted:

  1.  Not to further pursue the 55-plus proposal studied by the Board as requested by the membership at the 2019 annual member meeting.  No further action on 55+ is contemplated.  Other means of ensuring continuity of the current community culture will be examined by the Board, but not 55+.
  2. Authorized the Board of Directors to pursue contract compliance and good workmanship as it relates to a particular contractor hired to make repairs after Hurricane Irma.  Complaints include unfinished or improperly finished work.  Authorization granted includes pursuing legal remedies if necessary.
  3. Not to set any specific reserve accounts at this time.  The Board was directed to prioritize large predictable future expenses and develop cost estimates for such maintenance and repair items.  The Board will report on their findings at the 2021 annual member meeting, at which time the membership will be asked to adopt or reject one or more of the Board’s recommendations for specific reserve account funding as part of future annual dues assessments.