New date for termite inspection is Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Clark Pest Control had to reschedule the termite inspection from Tuesday to Wednesday, the first week of March.  The Board has emailed notice to all known email addresses and also posts this reminder of the notice of revised date, as follows:

“The Termite inspection for ALL units will be done on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 starting at 9:00 am by Clarke Pest Control. Please be available or arrange with a neighbor or BOD member to allow access to your unit. All units will be inspected. Termite Reports will be emailed to owners from Clark Pest Control. Owners must notify their renters.”

Time to review your contact info and update the HOA if anything is different

With the adoption of an online accounting program comes other changes that affect all members, specifically billing statements and notices, which are now sent to all members by email.  This means you should ensure your HOA has currently accurate contact information.  If you have any changes to report, either contact Doris Berube with them or send the current information to the HOA at  Don’t delay, as the new resident directory work in now in progress!!

Nominations for Board of Directors

Board President Les Wabnitz has appointed Board member Joe Thomas (Bldg. #1) to head up the annual solicitation of interest in serving on the Board of Directors.  Please let Joe or another Board member know if you are willing to serve.

The term of office is for one year, with a new Board elected each year by the members at the annual Members Meeting held in February (date to be determined).  In order to reduce owners’ costs and to serve member interests, Board members serve voluntarily to oversee HOA policies and operations.

Meetings have been held by teleconference for Board members not onsite for a Board meeting.  Many administrative matters are handled by the Board’s President at times when Board meetings are not feasible.

This is not a time-consuming task – unless by your choice – but is an important function that benefits all owners.  If you have not yet “stepped up”, now is the time!!  There will be at least two longer-term Board members stepping down in February.

Apologies for inaccurate Board teleconference information

Your webmaster has learned the provided telephone number to call for the January 16, 2021 teleconferenced Board meeting was inaccurate, so the posting on the web and sent to many members was also incorrect.  While no physical location was part of the meeting notice for the teleconference, in fact all Board members except one were physically present at the Clubhouse and held a meeting.  Board President Wabnitz participated by telephone.  I am told some member were also present for the meeting.

It appears this was actually a regular Board meeting but notice was given as a teleconference.  I apologize for the snafu.

/s/ Bob Hagness

Notice of Board Meeting by teleconference on Saturday, January 16, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

President Les Wabnitz states:  “This is a board meeting to be held by a phone conference.  Members are welcome but don’t have to attend.”  If you wish to attend, call 312-262-6799 just before 10:00 a.m. on Saturday the 16th, and enter the information then requested.  If asked, the meeting I.D. is 884-0328-7391; the Passcode is 970850.

Your webmaster was not provided an agenda to post to the website, but notes from the clubhouse copy of the agenda that the “old business” item is a rules committee report and the “new business” items read:  a. 3rd nail in truss ($10,500); b.  Planting without board approval;  c.  Hurricane shutters on the front of building;  d.  Swimming pool repairs



Need to contact your HOA Board/Officers?

If you have any owner issues, concerns, and/or questions, please contact your Board by email at or use the HOA mailing address:

Dee Ann Lakefront Estates HOA, 409 Stephen Dr, Lake Placid, FL  33852.  Thank you.