2021 Wind Mitigation reports now on website

You may view, print or save your own building’s Wind Mitigation report by navigating to the “About Us” page and scrolling down to the “Other Owner Documents” section, where you can click on any particular building’s wind mitigation report to open the “pdf” file on your computer or device.  All owners are advised to share their own report with their own insurance agent or agency to ensure you receive all available premium discounts on your policy.

2021-2022 Resident Directory

Steve Kaufer is working on updating the annual resident directory and will appreciate being contacted if you have changed any of your directory information in the past year, or if you are a new owner or tenant this year.

2021-2022 Board Members & Officers

Here is the listing of Board Members / Officers – volunteers in service to our HOA for the 2021-2022 dues year:

President & Board Member:  Dan Speakman;  Vice-President & Board Member:  Ken Brownlee;   Treasurer & Board Member: Joe Thomas;   Secretary & Board Member: Mabel Fieler;   Webmaster: Bob Hagness;   Assistant Treasurer: Chris Strub

The Board members and officers will be working on the new budget in order to provide all members plenty of advance notice of the 2021-2022 dues assessment.

New date for termite inspection is Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Clark Pest Control had to reschedule the termite inspection from Tuesday to Wednesday, the first week of March.  The Board has emailed notice to all known email addresses and also posts this reminder of the notice of revised date, as follows:

“The Termite inspection for ALL units will be done on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 starting at 9:00 am by Clarke Pest Control. Please be available or arrange with a neighbor or BOD member to allow access to your unit. All units will be inspected. Termite Reports will be emailed to owners from Clark Pest Control. Owners must notify their renters.”

Time to review your contact info and update the HOA if anything is different

With the adoption of an online accounting program comes other changes that affect all members, specifically billing statements and notices, which are now sent to all members by email.  This means you should ensure your HOA has currently accurate contact information.  If you have any changes to report, either contact Doris Berube with them or send the current information to the HOA at deeannhoa@gmail.com.  Don’t delay, as the new resident directory work in now in progress!!