55 plus amendment to Articles and Restrictions

You may review the actual drafted language that could be used to implement a 55 plus community in the event the owners wish to make that change.  This is a topic for the annual meeting of members on 2/29/2020.  If that group favors the adoption of a 55 plus community, that would trigger the mailing of ballots to all owners of all 70 units.  Passage requires an affirmative vote of at least 75% of all units.  Implementation also requires that at least 80% of all units be occupied by at least one person who is at least 55 years of age.  Please note the age requirement applies to occupancy, not ownership.  This amendment has been drafted and will be presented to owners in response to the direction given the Board at the 2019 annual members meeting to provide specifics for consideration, following an extensive study done by a committee of non-Board members.  The Board has not itself taken a position for or against the amendment; each owner will decide what is best for that owner.